Confederation Bridge to Orchard View Cottages

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Trans Canada Highway 1  to  Hwy 6

Driving Distance: 54.0 kilometers (34 miles)    Total Time: 45 minutes     Telephone: (800) 419-4468

Elapsed Time Distance Instruction
00 Minutes0.0 km 1   Depart Confederation Bridge on TC-1 (North-East) for 8.2 km
07 Min8.2Keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.7 km towards Summerside
08 Min8.9 2   At near Borden-Carleton, keep STRAIGHT onto Local road(s) for 0.4 km
08 Min9.3Road name changes to Hwy-1A for 4.6 km
11 Min13.9Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto Hwy-225 for 70 m
11 Min14.0 3   At Hwy-225, stay on Hwy-225 (East) for 2.9 km
14 Min16.9 4   At Hwy-109, turn LEFT (North) onto Hwy-109 [Somerset St] for 1.6 km
16 Min18.5Keep STRAIGHT onto Hwy-109 [Scale Pond Rd] for 4.3 km
19 Min22.8Turn RIGHT (East) onto Hwy-8 [Hwy-109] for 0.1 km
20 Min22.9 5   At Hwy-8, stay on Hwy-8 [Hwy-109] (East) for 0.2 km
20 Min23.1Keep STRAIGHT onto Hwy-8 [Freetown Rd] for 6.7 km
25 Min29.8Turn LEFT (West) onto Hwy-2 [Hwy-8], then immediately turn RIGHT (North) onto Hwy-8 [Grahams Rd] for 0.3 km
26 Min30.0 6   At Hwy-8, stay on Hwy-8 [Grahams Rd] (North-East) for 7.7 km
32 Min37.7Turn RIGHT (East) onto Hwy-6 for 0.9 km
33 Min38.6 7   At near New London, stay on Hwy-6 (East) for 3.7 km
36 Min42.3Turn LEFT (North) onto Hwy-6 [Cavendish Rd] for 11.7 km
45 Min54.0 8   Arrive at Orchard View Cottages        Toll Free: (800) 419-4468

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